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Strategy and Implementation

Un-blurring the lines on a crucial part of marketing
Strategy and implementation represented by a map connecting marketing elements

While strategy and implementation naturally co-exist, they must also be treated as separate but equal entities. The strategy defines long-term goals and the desired end result, while taking into account many factors such as competitors, pricing and the economic climate. A sound marketing strategy not only identifies the overall objective, but also provides all involved with a sense of direction and serves as the foundation for successful implementation to be built upon.

Where strategy is the brains, implementation is the muscle. Implementation refers to the physical steps taken by a company based on its strategy. The process of implementation often faces physical limitations such as time constraints, limited man-hours, and always…budgets. Successful implementation is timely and follows a sound program that leads the way.

Always keep your strategic goals forefront in planning, budgeting, and execution. Implementation is subject to more frequent review and change, while your strategy is more permanent and focused. Don’t get the two confused.

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