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The Rule of Seven

Give yourself a numerical advantage
The rule of seven represented by a suited man pointing at touchpoints

Reaching your consumer is the most important part of any marketing program. Most marketing professionals understand that in order for prospects to get to know, trust and buy their brand, multiple touchpoints and impressions are needed. That’s where an old adage,”The Rule of Seven,” comes into play. Earlier marketing professionals recommended a minimum of 7 impressions. Today, when most consumers are exposed to over 5,000 ads per day, that number has almost doubled to 13.

Touchpoints that target the right person at the right time are key to a successful marketing campaign. They can come from a single marketing channel or many, and are more effective when they interact with the different stages of a consumer’s buying journey.

When constructing a marketing plan, ask yourself how many touchpoints this plan can produce. Playing by the numbers is a great way to play to win.

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