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Maintain a touchpoint strategy without offending consumers
Touchpoints represented by man using device to find target

Digital marketing throws a lot at us. At over 5,000 ads per day per person, the best practice of directing 7 touchpoints to solicit a call to action has been replaced by 13 or more touchpoints. Too many online touchpoints and your prospects start feeling harassed – potentially deciding to distance themselves. Complicating the matter, unlike offline, online provides an unsubscribe button, making it easier for your prospect to say goodbye as you try to say hello.

So, the question is, how can you reach potential customers without alienating them?

Spreading the touches over time and with different online and offline channels offers the solution. Properly structured, this integrated approach can help raise awareness without overdoing and harassing.

Appreciate your customers’ sales journey and plot an approach where offline and online channels complement each other to deliver your sales and branding message. Since every company is different, each needs a different combination of channels and touchpoints to suit its unique needs.

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