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How to Track Marketing Campaigns

Use your tracking and measurements to go to the bank!
how to track marketing campaigns to increase profits

Are you wondering how to track marketing campaigns? Don’t just go through the motions—use your metrics to increase profits.

Tracking needs to not only tell you something new but direct you to do something new. Far too many companies sit on their tracking results without taking an action. If your competitor is using her analytics to continually improve her digital deliveries and you’re not, there may be a point in the future where you have little to measure.

It’s important to establish a tracking schedule and initial benchmarks. Some companies track every minute, others track every day, weekly or monthly. Against your benchmarks, you’ll have a better appreciation of your success or failure. Though each company needs their own individual list of subjects to measure, here are some general “What to Measure” suggestions:

-Number of visitors
-Where they’re coming from
-How long they’re staying
-Search terms used
-Landing pages entered from
-Number of new subscribers
-Number of comments per blog post
-Number of visitors
-Views and time per page
-Number of followers
-Retweets or sharing of information/mention
-How current is information
-Negative comments

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