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Most Trusted online marketing platforms

6 Online Marketing Platforms Trusted Most Often
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Which online marketing platforms should you be using? Building a positive and trustworthy relationship with your audience is key to success. With the abundance of online channels, here are the ones they trust the most:

  1. Online Consumer Opinions: 80%
    Review sites are the 21st century equivalent to word of mouth.
  2. Editorial Content: 64% 
    Valuable information goes a long way toward engagement and retention.
  3. Search Result Ads: 61%
    Staying on top of the search results communicates that your business is trustworthy and reputable.
  4. Social Media Ads: 48% 
    Social Media allows you to reach audiences on platforms they prefer and use the most.
  5. Online Video Ads: 47%
    Video advertisements visually persuade and communicate to prospective clients.
  6. Online Banner Ads: 42%
    Ads on websites that prospects use and trust can shape your company’s image in the prospects’ eyes.

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