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Before updating a new SEO strategy, make sure you’re ready.

7 Issues to address now!
SEO strategy will bring people to your website like this girl pointing to a computer screen

SEO Strategy Pre-game:

Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving activity. An approach embraced years ago might not serve you correctly now. It might even put you in danger of Google penalties. If there has been a drop in your ranking lately, there is a reason. It might be time to re-evaluate your SEO strategy.

Before an update exercise is plotted, produced and deployed, make sure your new effort isn’t in vain because of website technical issues.


Here are seven to review right now!

  1. Loading Time
  2. Redirects
  3. Broken Links
  4. Duplicate Content
  5. Mobile Errors
  6. Sitemaps
  7. Robots.txt

Wearing the hat of an SEO specialist will surely keep you busy. Before you build a stronger link profile, create better content or update keywords for mobile, make sure technical shortcomings won’t jeopardize your digital marketing efforts.