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Voice search strategy – Improve your marketing

Your voice. The new SEO tactic worth listening to.
Voice search is a new way consumers interact with their devices, including cell phones and home assistants

Are you ready for voice search? Gone are the days when users would merely type their desired questions into a search bar. Today’s consumers are dictating questions into their devices – conversing with their accessories. Yes, the leap from keyboard to voice has been made and it is here to stay as devices for the home and office now make it easier to request a song be played, start a grocery list, phone a friend, or purchase a product.

This new wave of hands-free communicating and searching has entered the digital marketing world. Many businesses are beginning to welcome artificial intelligence services into their marketing strategies with open arms. This includes voice search.

Open-ended Internet searching may allow more efficient service and expand opportunities for real results. With advancements coming everyday, it is imperative to recall the core of business ethics – excellent customer service – in order to lead your business into the future.

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