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Web Marketing: Build Trust not Traffic

Marketing matrixes have conditioned us to measure success by the numbers.
Web Marketing Should Build Trust

In web marketing, clicks, sessions, views, impressions, downloads, and a host of other measurements cast either a negative or positive result by reporting the quantity. Bragging rights are shared all around when benchmarks are broken or servers break down. 

Though quantity might be important in political advertising, B2B and B2C advertising needs to keep a check on working to reinforce trust rather than deliver numbers. 

Each communication you share is an opportunity to establish or reinforce trust. In the long run, increasing trust will be the achievement you can brag about. 

Here are three trust building activities:

Personalize—greet them by name while targeting their need

Relevant Content—give info that is relevant and/or actionable to their need

Reward—thank them, reward them, honor them, advance them

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