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What is Cornerstone Content?

Guiding the search engines where to go on your website
Cornerstone Content is a type of website content. This image says Content is King

Cornerstone content, defined as the articles, pages, or posts that you want to rank highest on search engines, should be a core component of your website. It’s usually extensive, containing a plethora of information to convey the importance of a specific topic. The benefits of this activity include increasing brand awareness, driving relevant website traffic, and establishing authority and trust with potential customers.

The ultimate goal is to present information that establishes ownership and enhances your credibility. The content should properly represent your business and relay your mission. Focus on perfecting this content because this is what people might see when they first navigate to your website.

Your cornerstone content often incorporates four to five clear and well-researched articles. It is imperative to choose pieces that are powerful, intriguing, and relevant with high value keywords.

In the end, whether your cornerstone content is a page or a blog post, it should be gripping, updated frequently, and strive to rank highly for competitive searches from your prospects.

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